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One-Touch Automation provides high quality, affordable, automated systems that you can control from anywhere.
Home Automation

Simplify your daily routines by integrating all of your comfort systems; security, lighting, climate control and audio/video distribution.

Allow your home automation system to handle daily routines for you by simply arming your security system when you leave for the day. Your lights will turn off, all tv’s and music will turn off, the temperature will set back and your house will be protected from intruders. While you're away, you will be able to monitor your security status, turn on/off lights, change temperature and view your video cameras in real time using any Smart Phone or Tablet.
Control your House with One Touch
Tablet and Smart Phone Control
Simple to Operate Remotes (Eliminating All Other Remotes)
What Can Home Automation Do For You?

Home Access
While you are away from your home, disarm your system and open your garage if you have a delivery scheduled, then close and arm your system again when the delivery is done. Your One-Touch Automation system can handle many different access codes -- give your house keeper or pet-sitter a unique code and you will be able to monitor their entry/exit. The system can notify you whenever they come and go.

Home Safety
If an intrusion occurs, imagine a siren sounding throughout the house, the outside lights flashing, and all lights in your home turning to “full on”. This would scare just about anyone away, while the system also notifies the officials, you, and any other emergency contacts. If a fire occurs, the system will notify the fire department and also create pathways of low-light to your closest exit while flashing your outdoor lights so your house will be identified and the neighbors are alerted.

One-Touch Automation helps simplify and secure your life with an individualized system that fits your needs!